Things I’ve been thinking about

16 03 2012

This may be complete crap. You’ve been warned.

I have been getting lost in my thoughts quite frequently during recent times, during 24 hours of air travel, at work and whilst wandering aimlessly through Paris.

I like to record things I think about, because I enjoy the challenge of working out the answer to the question I ask myself, and may like to refer to it later.

I would like to buy a thesaurus. In english. I would like to expand my vocabulary, as I think it would excite my brain a touch, and in turn, my life. I have been losing words as they vaporise into the french equivalent and at times I find myself searching for words I’ve accessed easily for 28 years.We’ll see how that goes. Swimmingly, I hope.

I wonder about rubbish. Literally. I worry that one day we will all be neck deep in garbage and will succumb by way of drowning. I think about sticky tape, rubber from car tyres, exhausted pens, old clothes.

I wonder what I would say to my school bully, should I encounter him on the street. Would I like to land my first ever punch straight in his face? Or would I find something witty and intelligent to say about my achievements, use success as the best revenge. I would really love to do really well in life to counter the fact that six years of my life were a living hell (more on this later) and that it actually pushed me towards success. I think that all of these ideas could work in a team attack.

I wonder if I will ever have children to nurture and guide with the same methods used by my parents and grandparents, to create the best childhood memories.

I keep the hilarious and delightfully warm memory of my mum reaching up at me for a hug at the airport before leaving Melbourne last time, because she is so cute and tiny. It brings a few happy tears every time.

I think that at 18 I never would have believed that at ten years later I’d be in bed on a Friday night in Paris, writing a blog with my newly pedicured feet up.

Nanna says nite nite.




4 responses

16 03 2012
Butch Kaplan

Score Kate!! I bet that bully is so crap today and would be megajealous of you and your pedicure!

17 03 2012

Cheers Butch!! Hope you are well!!

18 03 2012

“I wonder if I will ever have children to nurture and guide with the same methods used by my parents and grandparents, to create the best childhood memories.”

is that broodiness on the horizon??

18 03 2012

HA HA yeah, I suppose it is.

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